Summer Writing Webinar Series

This spring I taught several one-night adventure/travel writing workshops in Seattle, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, Los Angeles and Bend. After the workshops, I received dozens of emails from students, all asking the same question: What’s next?

Whoa Magazine

In March of this year, I made a new friend: Hatie Parmeter, a kickass Chicago-based journalist who reached out on behalf her website, WHOA Magazine. She eventually flew to Portland to interview me, and her published account of our conversation is honest, hard-hitting, and gritty.

Verticulture: Cast Iron Cooking

In honor of Thanksgiving — and all of my adventurous friends who are celebrating the holiday abroad, under the stars in a campground, or at the crag — I wrote a post for Verticulture (the Outdoor Research blog) about how to bake in cast iron.

Kilimanjaro Slideshows

In the summer of 2016, International Mountain Guides sent me to Tanzania to lead three expeditions to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. This November, I’ve been given the opportunity to share photos and stories from my six weeks in Africa at two slideshows. They’re both in the Pacific Northwest, and they’re both free. Join us!

Backcountry Brunch

In August 2016, I was invited to be part of the Stay Wild EXPO at the World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon. They called the event “the world’s first adventure festival,” and I gave a backcountry cooking demonstration with Snow Peak. We made cobbler. And mimosas.

I’ve won a journalism award!

I arrived home from Africa to discover a wonderful surprise waiting in my mailbox: I’ve won a prize from the Society of Professional Journalists. The award is for first place in the “Travel Reporting” category in their Northwest Excellence in Journalism contest for essays and articles published in 2015.

Chattermarks & The North Cascades Institute

This March, I was invited to speak to a group of graduate students who are studying at the North Cascades Institute (NCI) outside of Bellingham, Washington. After I left, one of the students wrote about the experience in Chattermarks, their community’s blog.

10 Resources I Recommend When I Teach Travel Writing Classes

I’ve recently taught several wonderful classes on travel and adventure writing, during which my students often ask for reading recommendations. As a voracious reader myself, I love to talk about books — and as a writing teacher, I strongly support my autodidactic students. So I went through my notes from recent classes to compile this list of resources.