What I do: I offer help with all varieties of written work. I edit essays. I help novelists with structural development. I make it easy to produce high-quality cover letters, resumes, and admissions essays. I edit grant proposals and scholarship applications. I copyedit scholarly articles and advertising copy. I write press releases. I mentor aspiring travel/outdoor/adventure writers.

How I do it: Constructively. I work with clients to make their voice as clear, crisp, and compelling as it can possibly be. I believe that we can all learn from one another, and past clients say that working with me is educational, fun, and inspiring.

What clients say:

I needed a strong editor to guide me through the process of writing my novel, and Charlotte came highly recommended by a mutual friend. We clicked immediately!  We’ve now been working together for more than a year, and I’ve come to learn that Charlotte is a hell of an editor. She consistently provides constructive and thoughtful critiques, and seems to instinctively know when to challenge me. Her guidance has been priceless. D. Davidson

For more than 20 years, I have relied on outside professionals to draft and edit documents in support of my consulting practice. Many have proven talented and capable, but all have been limited in ways that Charlotte is not. Those who understand the (often highly technical and complex) content of our work lack the ability to craft clear and compelling language to explain it. The best writers typically garble the concepts. The best editors create technically correct sentences but then fail to add value in terms of precision, clarity, or structure. Charlotte is the first writer my firm has hired who possesses soup-to-nuts capability, and is the only writer I have used who can produce client-ready reports from poorly organized and badly written drafts. Since 2008, I have observed Charlotte to be honest, reliable, and scrupulously fair in her billing. In addition, her positive attitude, agreeable demeanor, sense of humor, and kindness make her a pleasure to work with. For all these qualities, and more, she stands atop our list of preferred subcontractors, and I recommend her – without hesitation or qualification – to anyone who needs technical writing support. C. Bender