SheSails Seattle

I recently wrote an article about SheSails, a Seattle-based company started and operated by two women who want to spend their days teaching other women how to love sailing as much as they do.

Columbia River Notecards

When we got back from paddling the Columbia River, we had tons of gorgeous photos—and we wanted to share them! So we made these pretty little notecards, each with a photo from the river and a fun quote.

Gear List: Columbia River Water Trail

In October 2014, I kayaked the Lower Columbia River Water Trail. During seven days of paddling, we traveled 145 miles through rain, wind, sunshine, and hail. We learned a lot, and I’ve compiled this list to share the gear we used and the gear we wished we’d had.

Columbia River Slideshows

During the last week of October 2014, I had the incredible privilege of kayaking the Lower Columbia River Water Trail, a 146-mile stretch of river nestled between Washington and Oregon. Now that we’ve finished the voyage, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve booked several slideshows!