The Better Bombshell

TBB-1   In 2013, I co-edited an anthology called The Better Bombshell: Writers and artists redefine the female role model. Contributing writers include Dave Barry, Rick Bass, Roxane Gay, Eva Saulitis, Carolyn Turgeon, Craig Childs, and Heather Lende. Contributing artists include Kate Protage, Shyn Midili, Chris Sheridan, Chris Crites, Andrea Wicklund, and Elisa Lazo de Valdez. Siolo Thompson was the artistic director, and all proceeds from book sales were donated to a women’s education access fund. The project was best described by writer and activist Rick Bass, who wrote:

The Better Bombshell is an electronic, artistic, and cultural cornerstone for one of the most important dialogues of our time: Why are we careless with, dismissive of, or unseeing of the feminine?

We were grateful to be covered by The RumpusSeattle MetCity Arts49 Writers, and the Huffington Post. We were interviewed by a local radio station. We were invited to speak at Bumbershoot in September 2013. The book was reviewed here, and the essay I wrote was re-published here.