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Freedom in the Hills

"Each year brings tales of women's adventures—at times with cloudbursts of media attention, more often as quietly as snowflakes spinning into drift."

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Stay Wild

The Rules of Adventure

"Each breath burned. As we trudged up the glacier, I traced our route of ascent with my eyes: milky blue ice, undulating in every direction."



The Women of Mount Rainier

"The women who walked these glaciers before us have shown us the path, or—maybe better yet—that we are capable of finding our own."


Sailing Haida Gwaii

We Come To Bear Witness

"As we loaded the Zodiac and slowly moved away from the shore, I looked back toward the pole, visible through the trees. I thought about the orcas we'd seen that morning, which seemed to be leading us toward the gathering. I thought about the people who traveled the coast for thousands of years in hand-carved cedar canoes. I thought about what it means to bear witness, and what it means for a place to be wild and true."

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Interview: Will Gadd

Getting Medieval On Ice

"Once you go ice climbing, you'll never look at frozen water in the same way. Even if you never wear crampons again, it's a shift in how you look at the world."

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A Guide's Perspective

On Not Summiting

"More than half of the climbers who try to summit Mount Rainier don't make it. And as a guide on the state's tallest mountain, I feel them fail."

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Freedom in the Hills The Rules of Adventure The Women of Mount Rainier We Come To Bear Witness Getting Medieval On Ice On Not Summiting