Favorite Things: Summer 2014

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Favorite Things: Summer 2014

These are the things I’ve been thinking about this summer. In no particular order:

This has been the soundtrack to my summer. Also this.

I’ve been recommending this powdered ginger drink mix to everybody in the mountains.  I’ve also talked several people into buying this incredibly useful piece of outdoor gear (which comes in about a million colors.)  I’ve been training for an upcoming trip to the Bugaboos, and I’m psyched about these.

I’m researching an article about why there aren’t more women in alpine climbing, so I’ve been reading Women Don’t Ask and Lean In and this editorial and these thoughts from my gorgeous friend Sheldon Kerr.

During the writing classes I teach for the University of Washington, I keep recommending The Creative Habit, which I first heard about in a presentation by this incredible woman.

I’m lusting after wooden business cards and everything Orijen and these.

Finally, when you get the chance, read: this and this and this.  And then, when you’re done, turn off your computer and go outside.