So You Want to Climb Mount Rainier

In my years of guiding on Mount Rainier, I’ve worked with lots of climbers — and have had lots of chances to see what works and what doesn’t. This summer, I posted some of my most useful tips in an article called “So You Want To Climb Mount Rainier.” There are thoughts about nutrition, gear, training, and — perhaps most importantly — how to prepare your mind for the challenge of climbing the tallest mountain in Washington State.

Here’s an excerpt about the importance of planning your food:

It might sound simple, but consider this: on an average 12-to-18 hour summit day, you’ll need to consume several hundred calories per hour. There’s nothing wrong with nutrition bars and energy gels, but chances are good that you won’t feel great if highly processed foods are your body’s only source of fuel. Plus, it’s very natural to lose your appetite at altitude. On long training hikes, figure out what kinds of food you can stomach on hour 8.

Read the full post here. Photo courtesy of Bryan Aulick. If you’re interested in booking a climb, feel free to get in touch.